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Have your scans printed 

or saved. 


Our scanners automatically compensate for wrinkles and light colors to produce superior results. We use scanners that have the technology to optimize and enhance all scans automatically by performing background compensation, fine line enhancements, and error diffusion without affecting information in light color spaces.

Our high-resolution scanners can turn your imperfect originals into perfect copies or digital files.

We can digitize your aging engineering drawings or blueprints and archive them for long-term preservation by scanning them to a digital file. Copy King is Erie’s leader when it comes to scanning slightly damaged or old blueprints. We handle your originals with care and save them to file or CD for easy viewing.

We have the capacity to scan documents up to 36in. x 48in., in color or B/W. Save your documents to a variety of digital formats: PDF, .JPEG, .TIF and others. Your digital files can be archived to our site, sent via email, saved to CD or flash drive.

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